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 Herewith an introduction video to modern cloth nappies:


How to start cloth diapering.

1. Research your options. As a guide, click “Cloth Diapering 101” or go here to read more.

2.  Pick a few different brands that appeal to you.  [I do cloth nappy demonstrations once per month from my home.  Please e-mail me with "demo" in the subject line to arrange.  Or you can Skype with us (Skype name:  Doodlebums.Diapers).  By appointment only.]

3.  Try each on your baby.  
Keep in mind this is an investment that must last up to potty training for your baby and your next baby! So make sure you try various brands and find what works for you.

4.  Then make your decision and buy a full pack of your chosen brand (or mixed brands even!).

Happy cloth diapering!

Why not try a few nappies before you buy by clicking on "Loan Nappy Bucket" at the top.


LNB0001 - Loan Nappy Bucket
Loan Nappy Bucket
NAPPI002 - KAM Plastic Snaps
Single Colour Snaps (in stock)
DBCAT001 - Doodlebooty Cat
Huge Stuffed Toy Cat
DBDRESS001 - Doodlebooty Dresses
Dresses (From R250)
DBROMP001 - DoodleBooty Rompaloones
Rompaloones (starts at R150)